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Game Design

Hello my dears,

I'm starting my game design training in October.

I will learn how to use the program "unity" and how to use "C#" and I will also start to use "blender" for my future projects.

Sooooo excited!!! o(≧∇≦o)

The training last at least 15 months.

It's very time-consuming to learn all this, so, sadly I won't be able to draw a lot of fanarts in the near future, since I work full time and do this in my free time.

I'm sorry... ( ╥﹏╥ )

I hope I can make it up to you guys in the future.

My head is full with ideas, for games ect.

I'm excited to see what the path ahead of me will look like!

I will update you from time to time. ( ~^ ᴗ ^~ )

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