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Inuyasha Artists

Hello my dears, (。>‿‿<。)

I want to make an Inuyasha memory game and thought it would be more interesting with different art styles.

It doesn't matter which character it is

  • villain

  • villager

  • fav couple

  • animals

  • demons

  • more people on it etc etc

As long as it's from Inuyasha/Yashahime, I'm open to anything.

Just nothing sexual please! ó.ò

Some violence is ok, since it is the middleage era,

as long as you don't overdo it. ☚ (<‿<)☚

If you would like to take part, please notice that the cards are vertical and not horizontal.

It would be nice if your signature was in one of the corners.

Of course, everyone who wants to take part will be mentioned in the credits.


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