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Original Owner of Inuyasha is Rumiko Takahashi
This is a fanmade, non-profit story just for entertainment.
Retranslation NOT permitted!




Age: unknown
Species: Vampire

As a vampire you are practically immortal and Inuyasha is bored with his long life.
Every day is like the other and he longs for a companion with whom he can spend eternity.
Kagome has piqued his interest, but unfortunately she doesn't think much of men.
It takes all of his vampire charm to change her mind.

- can turn into a white bat (just too "uncool" for him)
- runs up walls (he thinks it's stupid)
- Immune to Sunlight / Holy Water / Stake Through Heart -> Stiff instead of Dust Decay
- loves crucifixes (has a whole collection of them)
-High sex drive (much to Kagome's chagrin XD)



Age: 18
Species: human

Oppressed by men her entire life, Kagome was never able to do what she wanted.
Until she had enough and ran away from home.
On her aimless journey she meets Inuyasha and everything changes...

- spirited
- strong willed
- faithful

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