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~ About me ~

I started drawing 2007 with pencil, fineliner and paper, very classically.

A few years later I started to use photoshop for coloring.

Since 2020 I have a graphics tablet from XP-Pen and use Clip Studio Paint for coloring.

I don't do commissions yet.

Maybe in the future, we will see. :)

But I'm always open for some ideas

and if I like it and feel motivated enough I do some

free requests.

If someone wants to translate my work,

it's okay for me

BUT only for the Shortstorys and NOT my Dojins!

Please don't edit my work, repost without credits or even worse, remove my signature and put on your own!

I don't draw yuri/yaoi/or pairings I don't like. ❌

I feel highly inspired by Lenbarboza.

So feel free to visit her on her Website.

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