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Since you're here, I'm guessing you're interested in inuyasha games too.

I'm still at the beginning and it will take some more time to finish.

On my List right now are:

* Arrow Shoot (progress 0%)
2D RPG (progress 51%)

* Maybe a lill' Miro-San Game, not sure for now ;)

These games are  LEARN-PROJECTS
and will only be found on my website here and nowhere else!
They are free and have no advertising or in-app purchases.
So the only thing I get is experience.  (灬´ᴗ`灬)

If you guys find any bugs, I would be happy if you contact me.
So it would be a good exercise to learn how to debug. XD

kago 1

catch  apples

 I will add some other charas to play with over the time. :)
Sadly the Android Version doesn't work at the moment TT_TT
I don't know the issue and it's frustrating so I take a break from it for now.  

(newest version 1.1)


I will update the pictures on the cards over time.
Other Inuyasha Artist are welcome to send me there FA's if they want them to be included. ^^

(newest version 1.1)

Sneak peek for Memory

Sneak peek for 2D RPG

secret well
miro sango
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